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We understand the anxiety that takes over when you realize that you or your loved ones need surgery. Further ambiguity in selecting the Country of surgery or Treatment, Hospital, Doctor and finalizing your Treatment Advisor adds to the anxiety. If you are a medical insurance, medical aid or corporate seeking the best option for your member/employee, we realize how important it is to make ‘perfect decision’. Being in this industry for more than a decade, the ‘Treatment Possible’ team understands your exact medical requirement and ensure apt treatment is availed at an affordable cost in India.

Our goal is to make best Healthcare accessible and affordable. We do not limit ourselves to conventional methods but we use all our experience in the field of healthcare to ensure that each and every patient receives best possible clinical prognosis post treatment. If required, we do not hold back from exploring Ayurveda or Homeopathy available in India. Every established treatment science shall be explored so that our patient receives best possible treatment/Surgery.

When deciding your facility, the most important factors are treating doctor and hospital with excellent paramedical staff. Purely because they are directly involved with your treatment and the outcome depends on their skill, subject knowledge and understanding. TP ensures that you get best of this combination at the most reasonable price. Being in the industry, we know the best cost to make a surgery possible and we employ our expertise to benefit our patient. We guarantee that we provide the lowest cost to make ‘Treatment Possible’ by most renowned doctors and best hospital in India.

Our expertise includes:

  • Association with hospitals across all cities in India.
  • Second opinion of World’s top medical institutes from USA, Germany and Singapore.
  • Speciality wise surgeon selection depending on their training, skills, experience and past results.
  •  Lowest quote guaranteed.
  • Post surgery follow-up and medication assistance.

On-Ground presence for patient servicing and hand holding in alien country.

You can send us your medical investigation reports and we shall provide you with doctor’s opinion, line of treatment, cost of treatment and length of stay. If you do not have medical reports and you need price of procedures then please check our price list for your desired procedure. Still, if you don’t find price of required treatment then please feel free to write to us.


Medical Advisory services as per your need

You may wonder, so how do we exactly help…

Read below the service list of the benefits you enjoy when you choose Treatment Possible as your medical adviser. And please remember, its a Free Opinion with no Frills. We know your distress in taking a medical decision and we assist you with the right doctor, hospital and an affordable budget.

  1. Free specialist opinion.

  2. Non binding treatment plan.

      # Opinion from international medical institutes.

  1. Travel assistance.

  2. Visa formality assistance.

  3. Local assistance in India for patient and relative.

  4. Appointment and surgery scheduling.

  5. Alternative treatment services.

  6. Post surgery follow-up from home country.

  7. Assistance for medicine.

  8. Local sim card and forex assistance.

  9. Free tele – consultation.

Valvuloplasty Procedure in India


The dilation/widening of a narrow cardiac valve usually performed on Mitral, Aortic or Pulmonary.

In a Valvuloplasty procedure, a small, narrow, hollow tube known as catheter is performed to open a stenotic (stiff) heart valve and is advanced from a blood vessel in the groin through the aorta into the heart. Once the catheter is placed in the valve to be opened, contrast dye will be injected into the valve in order to look at the area, a large balloon at the tip of the catheter is inflated until the leaflets (flaps) of the valve are opened, then the balloon is deflated and the catheter is removed. The catheter insertion site may be closed with a closure device that uses collagen to seal the opening in the artery, by the use of sutures, or by applying manual pressure over the area to keep the blood vessel from bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped, a very tight bandage will be placed on the site.

Who needs the Valvuloplasty Procedure? :

  • Sometimes, to open a stiff heart valve requirement of Valvuloplasty procedure is fulfilled.
  • In order to keep a regular blood flow and functioning of the valves between each of the heart’s pumping chambers, valvuloplasty procedure is needed.

Outcome of Valvuloplasty Procedure:

  • Valvuloplasty bridges the time gap between before the Heart Valve Replacement Surgery.
  • Valvuloplasty restores a regular blood flow with the proper functioning of the valves.
  • The mortality rate of Valvuloplasty procedure is extremely Low.

Recovery Time from Valvuloplasty Procedure:

  • Following Valvuloplasty, you will be sent to the recovery room where your vital signs will be monitored.
  • If the insertion done in the groin, you will not be allowed to bend your leg for several hours.
  • ECG will be performed to monitor your Heart’s activity.
  • If experienced pain, Pain medication will be given.
  • You will be advised to drink plenty of water and other fluids to help flush the contrast dye from your body.
  • It is important to keep the insertion part clean and dry.
  • Your doctor shall provide specific bathing instruction.
  • Hospital stay depending on your general condition may last from 1 to 3 Days.

  Cost of Valvuloplasty Procedure: In India, the cost of Valvuloplasty procedure starts from around USD 4,600/- Single Valve, Rs.5,500/- Double Valve.

Treatment Possible cares for Patients: At Treatment Possible, our main objective is to provide the best options for heart bypass surgeries in India at lowest cost. Thus, we recognize the significance of excellent health and well being of our guests by preferring association with Top Cardiac Surgeons and Best Hospital for Heart Bypass Surgery in India. We encourage you to educate yourself about Heart Bypass Surgery, procedure, cost in India and then make an informed decision. An individually allocated case manger takes personalized interest to design a tailor made treatment plan for every guest and provide with a specific time, cost of the heart bypass surgery in India.