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Why Kidney Transplant?

The damage of the nephrons in the kidneys makes them lose their filtering capabilities and this condition is termed kidney disease. The harmful substances remain in circulation in the blood which can be life threatening over time. Kidney disease when untreated can cause multiple organ failure and ultimately lead to death. There are different stages of kidney disease and when the person has lost 90% of the kidney function they are said to have end stage kidney disease. A kidney transplant is the best chance of recovery.

Process towards Kidney Transplant –

A patient requiring healthy Kidney needs to have a donor within the family. This donor should be willing to donate his/her kidney. Once the donor is ready, compatibility screening is required to ensure that it’s a match for recipient. The test is called HLA typing. It’s recommended that you do this test in your home country and confirm that the willing donor’s kidney matches the patient’s kidney requirement.

One the match is confirmed, contact Treatment Possible team. Please send the medical reports to us and we shall get back to you with free doctors opinion along with treatment cost and other details. We will inform you related legal document to establish relation between the donor and recipient. These legal documents are required as per legal procedures in India.

Once the donor and fund is arranged, plan your trip to India. Once you arrive in India Treatment Possible will provide all required service and support including pick-up from airport, sim card, hospital scheduling and accommodation arrangement.

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Cost of Kidney Transplant in India

Treatment Possible will ensure you receive the lowest price in India’s best hospital. This is possible because of our goodwill and long standing association with India’s best medical institutions. A standard cost of Kidney Transplant would be USD 13500.

This includes:

  • Work-up for recipient and donor to match compatibility.
  • 2 days stay for both donor and recipient.
  • Surgery of donor.
  • Surgery of recipient.
  • ICU and ward stay for both donor and recipient.
  • 4 days for donor.
  • 7 days for recipient.
  • OT charges, surgeon fees, consumables and pharmacy during the hospital stay.


  • Anti rejection drug which will cost additional USD 1500 if required. It is required in less than 20% of Kidney Transplant surgeries.
  • Outside stay during the legal clearance. Legal clearance will take 1 week to 3 week. During this period we shall provide our own service apartment at an affordable rate.
  • Additional dialysis that may be required out of hospitalisation.
  • Any other cost arising out of unseen clinical condition.

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