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India – Destination for Kidney Transplant – Affordable Ethical

Why Kidney Transplant? The damage of the nephrons in the kidneys makes them lose their filtering capabilities and this condition is termed kidney disease. The harmful substances remain in circulation in the blood which can be life threatening over time. Kidney disease when untreated can cause multiple organ failure and ultimately lead to death. There … Continue reading India – Destination for Kidney Transplant – Affordable Ethical

Stem cell in treating Autism

Stem cell in treating Autism What is Autism? Autism is a neural development disorder which is characterized by impaired social interactions, mood alterations, communication, metabolic issues, digestive issues and repetitive behavior. The symptoms become quite apparent during the first two years of childhood and impact the way information is processed in the brain by altering … Continue reading Stem cell in treating Autism

Stem Cell – Hope for patients grounded by Spinal Cord Injury

Stem Cell procedure assists the injured area to regenerate enough to minimize and reverse the damage. If the stem cell is administered at a chronic stage of Spinal Cord Injury, it will help in improving performance of existing tissue through angiogenesis and Neuro protection. Convincing improvement in motor, reflex and sensory capacity of a patient has placed faith of experts on stem cell. Stem Cell Treatment
is backed purely on scientific advancement backed by evidence based care.

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